Salon Talk II with artists Philipp Messner & Martin Wöhrl

Introduction to the novel/film The Last Unicorn
(Martina Tauber and Dr. Verena Hertz)
Open conversation and tour through the exhibition with Philipp Messner and Martin Wöhrl



The relations between Messner and the tradition of Conceptual Art are characterised by a distillation of experiments which are attributable to Kinetic Art and Arte Povera among others, and by an interest in applied art, design and architecture as expressions of a culture of planning. For his project CLOUDS (2016 and 2017/18), Philipp Messner covered the lawn in front of Alte Pinakothek and at Klarissenplatz in front of Neues Museum, Nuremberg, with colored, artifical snow.

* 1975 in Bozen, Italy, lives and works in Munich, Germany.



Martin Wöhrl’s wide-ranging practice routinely incorporates reinterpreted motifs and strategies drawn from the history of art, architecture, and design by using found objects and scraps or hardware materials. Strategies of juxtaposition and mimicry inject humor into his work, poking fun at cultural norms and traditional signifiers of value.

* 1974 in Munich, lives and works in Munich, Germany.