KERAMOS – Linear B

@ VENETIA Initiatives, Munich

July 16, 2019

“ Love toward the eternal and infinite thing feeds the mind with a joy entirely exempt from sadness. This is greatly to be desired, and to be sought with all our strength.“ (Spinoza)


„Metamorphosing human build architecture into the earth’s intention of evolution. A dig into the brachial and primitive forms of nature – virgin, raw, uneven.“ (Athanasios Megarisiotis, München, July 2019)



An aesthetical study on the deterritorialization of textiles

@ VENETIA Initiatives, Munich

July 16, 2019

Constanza Camila (born in Chile) examined the historical flag of the Patagonian and Araucanian kingdom which has been designed by the French noble Orllie Antoine de Tounons in 1859, who could never realise his plans and ended up in exile. But there is still a relict left of Tounons idea for his united kingdom of the Patagonia and Araucania – the indigenious Mapuche people preserve his ag as a representation for the former araucanian zone.

HYPERISM has been experimented by the artist who has tried to deconstruct the historical and colonialistic context of an object with an national symbolism. Constanza Camila by used digital manipulation and translated the result into a Jacquard weave constructions working with industrial weaving looms. Those textile artworks were produced in the Textiles Zentrum in Haslach and at the Tessitura Taborelli in Como under the supervision of Constanza.

Three selected textile art works of HYPERISM will be presented for first time at the Module I Munich/ at Liebigstraße 41 for limited few days.