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Book Presentation & Signing: JOSEF ZEKOFF. GEFÄSSE @ MTFA, Munich

In collaboration with Galerie Sabine Knust / Matthias Kunz, we presented the new book JOSEF ZEKOFF. GEFÄSSE with a text by Christian Malycha, together with an exhibition of works by the artist. Every guest was invited to take a signed copy of a special edition!


"YOU'RE ON THE LIST!" - Impressions on the Performance BAVARIA BLU BOYS CLUB at KNUST KUNZ Gallery Editions by Naneci Yurdagül, participating artist of the exhibition REVENU DE VACANCES

Studio Visit: Judith Milberg

One of the lovely features of working with contemporary art is visiting artists in their studios. Art works in their "original" surrounding get a special glow. Mon Muellerschoen, Martina Tauber and Dr. Verena Hertz visiting Judith Milberg in there Munich based studio. Thursday, July 18,


VENETIA KAPERNEKAS Initiatives presented Module I_Munich with KERAMOS with MEGARISIOTIS Ceramics and HYPERISM with textile art works by Constanza Camila on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 in Munich