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Personal Art Advisory

As a personal art advisor, Martina will work in close dialogue with you to understand your needs until your request has been adequately satisfied. She will guide you through every step of the buying process, from inquiry to acquisition.Her services also include on-site advisory for corporations, offices, hotels, hospitals and medical practices.

Building Your Collection

Inspired by your particular needs, Martina will work closely with you in order to properly frame your ideas. Both Martina’s practical expertise and her connoisseurship of contemporary art provide each client with a thorough overview of the art works most suitable for him or her.
A main focus is to increase the value of the collection. As private advisors, we work solely in the service of our clients, providing neutral and objective advice – unswayed by anything but the collector’s specific and unique needs, desires and objectives.

Market Research

Today, the number of international art fairs, gallery shows, biennales and museum exhibitions is bigger than ever before. Since collectors are busy with a multitude of interests, they cannot possibly cover all the significant events on their own. Martina’ s unique eye combined with her experience – and objectivity – guides customers through the art market while assisting them to find the right work of art for building up their collection.

Studio Visits

Martina maintains personal contacts as well as close exchanges with individual artists, with whom she develops new projects and commissions. Upon request, she will organise studio visits to build a relationship between the collector and the artists.

Collaboration with Art Galleries

Martina’s close collaboration with international art galleries is a resource for purchasing your works of art. Her neutrality and objectivity remain distinct from the conflicted interests of galleries and dealers since their selling strategy is driven by the artists they represent. As an art advisor, Martina has the tools to choose works by a wide range of artists represented by both established and emerging galleries.

Art Fairs, Auctions & Biennials

By regularly attending and exploring art fairs, biennials and auctions, Martina looks for the latest developments in the art world. In the case of particular works requested by a collector, it will be Martina’s pleasure to research and find the piece you are looking for.

Taking Care of Your Collection

After purchasing a work of art for you, Martina will make sure that the work reaches you safely and that the costs are reasonable. She will advise you about hanging of your artwork and organise the installation in your home. As your collection grows, Martina will assist you to locate storage in a professional setting. If requested, she will take care of insurance issues and assess the values of the collection. Her services include keeping track of the activities of artists whose works are in your collection: an upcoming exhibition, a new publication or a work being offered at an auction. Martina emphasizes professional archiving with a data base inventory of the art works, including high resolution images, exhibition history, publications and provenance.


Martina Tauber Fine Art is committed to maximizing value for our consignors using our contacts to private clients and worldwide art professionals. MTFA is diligent in seeing that every transaction proceeds with efficiency and transparency, safeguarding the entire process with legal and insurance documentation under our corporate umbrella policy.