MTFA x schönbuch

MTFA x schönbuch

Collaboration of MARTINA TAUBER FINE ART with the German furniture brand SCHÖNBUCH.


In a salon-style exhibition you will discover curated SCHÖNBUCH pieces with a focus on the new collection 2023 and SCENA by WESTWOOD MARBLE.


An accrochage art concept will highlight the exhibition according to the philosophy of MARTINA TAUBER FINE ART- which is ideally the combination of painting, works on paper, photography, sculpture and other unconventional techniques.


The exhibition runs until September 2023 and is open by appointment.


Photo credit: Michael Daiminger, 2023

Art Concept: Martina Tauber Fine Art, München

Design concept: Carolin Sangha, casa57

Scena by Westwood Marble für schönbuch.

Furniture & objects by schönbuch.


July 13, 2023 - September 30, 2023


Martina Tauber Fine Art, Munich